Private Fees




The NHS does not pay for some of the services we provide. This includes a number of medical examinations and certificates such as sick notes, insurance forms, holiday cancellation forms, medical reports, fitness to travel certificates, private prescriptions and some vaccination services.

Examinations and paperwork of this type can take considerable time and charges may be made in line with the current BMA recommendations. Please ask for further details about such services and possible charges.

In some cases, someone other than a doctor may be able to sign forms for you.


List of Fees

Private Sicknote £20.00
Driving Licence Photograph £20.00
Private prescription for drugs not needed immediately by patients travelling abroad £20.00
Vaccination Certificate £20.00
Fitness to Travel Certificate £20.00
Disability / Attendance Living Allowance £33.50
Coroners Report £67.50
Criminal Injuries Compensation Report (CICA) £39.00
Court of Protection Report (Form COP3) / with examination £80.00 / £150.00
Police Witness Statement £38.00
Fostering / Child-minding – Report on child only – Initial examination £37.99
Nursing Occupational Health Form £30.00
Adoption / Fostering Parent / Carer (Form AH2) – Update on parent/carer £24.36
Ofsted Childminder Health Declaration Report £45.00
DVLA Report – with examination £83.00
DVLA Questionnaire £39.00
Housing Report (direct from housing department – NOT PATIENT) £25.15
Occupational Health Medical Report £50.00
Medical Examinations
Private Consultation – 15 minutes / 30 minutes £50.00 / £100.00
All Private Medicals (Camp America & Voluntary Workers £50) £120.00
Adoption / Fostering Health Assessment / Prospective Carer (Form AH) Note: Adoption fees normally paid by parent, fostering by NHS, but can send to agency £73.86
Patient Request for Medical Report/Statement of Fact £20.00 - £100.00
Patient Request for Copies of Medical Record £10.00
Private Diagnostic Test (Blood) £40.00
Course of Vaccinations for travel abroad (non-NHS) excluding cost of vaccine £45.00
DNA Mouth Swab £50.00
HIV testing including counselling £75.00
GP Examination £100.00
GP Report £89.00
GP Short Medical Report £60.00
GP Supplementary Report (further information) £30.00
Insurance Accident / Sickness  Short Claim Form £30.00
Holiday Cancellation (Direct from Insurance Co £34.50) £30.00
Insurance Certificate of Incapacity £15.00
Oasis – Outreach – Give straight to GP No Charge
Freedom Pass No Charge
Lighter Life Questionnaire No Charge
Lew Therapy & Rehabilitation Service Medical Information No Charge
Copies of Letters and/or Results £1 per copy