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Booking Appointments

Doctors Appointments System

  • Monday open from 8:00am
  • Monday and Friday open until 7:00pm
  • Tuesday to Thursday open until 7:30pm

We have adjusted our consulting times to accommodate patients who work.  We do hope that these appointments will attract this group of people enabling them to access the surgery out of our normal hours.  These extra late appointments will be available 2 weeks in advance.

For all other appointments, you may make an appointment with a doctor of your choice up to 2 weeks in advance by telephone or coming into surgery, but only five appointments are available for each doctor each session.  Once these have been booked, the remainder of the appointments are released on the day.

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You may also book an appointment online using Patient Access or The NHS App.  Once you are registered for online access, you may book the late appointments two weeks in advance or from 19:30 the night before for the following day.

A walk in clinic is available Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 10:30am for immediately necessary and new problems only. This is not for ongoing issues.  Patients are seen by the duty doctor in order of arrival.

This is so patients who need and want to be seen on the day are able to do so.  Patients are being seen quicker and less appointments are being wasted when patients fail to attend. 

We also have follow up appointments available, if you have had a letter requesting you to make an appointment to see the doctor. Please mention this to the receptionist when booking your appointment.

Our telephone lines are open from 8:00 am if you do want an appointment on the day please ring as early as you can to avoid disappointment.  We have seven incoming lines all manned and answered in rotation.

Dr Clementine Olenga-Disashi and Dr Ali Al-Bassam start their consulting times at 8:00am every Monday. We hope this will accommodate patients who work and need early appointments.

We fully understand that at times you cannot keep an appointment for many reasons but please let us know so we can offer it to somebody else.


Here is a list of the different ways you can access your General Practitioner

Monday Early Bird Clinic
Appointments from 8:00am. Available on the Day. Doors open 8:00am book at reception


You may telephone for advice: Leave a message and contact number.  A doctor will respond as soon as possible


On the Day Appointments
These can be booked either in person or by phone from 8:00am 


Routine Appointments
Available during surgery clinic times. You can book these appointments up to 2 week in advance subject to availability.


Tuesday to Thursday Late Night Clinic
Appointments between 6:30-7:30pm. You are able to book these appointments up to 2 weeks in advance subject to availability.


You can register for Patient Access and book your appointments directly online from your computer.


Follow up Appointments (Letter Received)
Available during surgery clinic times. You can book these appointments up to 1 week in advance


Emergency/Acute Appointments
Each day the surgery has a doctor on duty to cover emergency/ acute problems


Please Note

Slots for appointments on Patient Access are released on a rolling basis every evening (except Friday and Saturday) at 7:30pm for the following day and two weeks in advance and can be booked subject to availability.

Appointments are released on the following schedule
25% of our appointments are released two weeks in advance at 7:30pm
25% of our appointments are released the evening before at 7:30pm
50% of our appointments are released on the day from 8:00am to book either in person or by telephone.


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