Community Connections




Community Connections is a project aimed at improving the wellbeing of Lewisham residents. We support people to access community activities and services to reduce social isolation and to help them get more connected.

We work with anyone over the age of18, who is feeling socially isolated.

If you feel like you could benefit from learning about options in your community then you can call us on the number below to complete a self referral, or you can ask your doctor to refer you.

A member of our team will then call you to arrange a meeting. They will then let you know about activities and services in your local area that you can access.

We help people to get involved in all sorts of activities including; social groups, lunch groups and coffee mornings, healthy walks and seated exercise, yoga or tai chi, arts, crafts and singing, befriending, volunteering and time banking and more.

We have helped over 900 Lewisham residents become more socially connected and active in their community. Please see our contact details below: