First Contact Physiotherapy

This surgery now offers a faster way for patients over the age of 12 to book and see a Physiotherapist.

Do you have any of the following problems affecting?

  • Neck
  • Back
  • Joints
  • Muscle
  • Soft tissue

This is the only problem that you need to be seen for?

Do you feel you need an appointment in the next few days?

Would you be happy to see someone other than a GP?

If the answer to all of the above is Yes, you can call the surgery and ask the receptionist to book you an appointment to be seen by the First Contact Physiotherapy (FCP) Team.

You will be given a telephone appointment slot with an expert physiotherapist with specialist training to be able to see all of these conditions, assist with any relevant medication and organise any tests/referrals if needed.

Or, you can download the AskFirst app and you will be able to book the appointment directly


What is a First Contact Physiotherapist?

An FCP is a highly trained physiotherapist who is able to assess and diagnose people with muscle, bone and joint conditions.

What can they offer?

  • Expert advice
  • Exercise plans
  • Referral for tests and hospital clinics if required
  • Liaise with you GP about any medical concerns or medication you might need

Is it safe to see a physiotherapist first?

FCPs are highly trained and can liaise with your GP and/or refer you for tests or to the hospital if required.

What if I am not getting better after speaking to the FCP?

The FCP will give you advice on any worrying signs to look out for as part of your treatment plan. They will also organise a follow up. You are always able to contact any of the healthcare services for emergencies.

What is the advantage of seeing an FCP rather than my GP?

  • They can give you advice and a treatment plan much faster than seeing a physiotherapist in out-patients.
  • People make a faster recovery the quicker they gat advice on musculoskeletal problems
  • FCPs can spend longer with you discussing your problem than your GP and frees up your GP for other appointments.